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China OEM Custom Small Planetary Gearbox Sintered Metal with DC Motors planetary gearbox buy online

Product Description

We are a factory specialized in metal parts hardware & metal gearbox geared motor through powder metallurgy process .We services with ODM/OEM gearbox design and development , gearmotors manufacture.
A planetary gearbox is a gearbox with the input shaft and output shaft aligned it offers high torque transmission with good stiffness and low noise , in a more compact foot print than other gearbox types . It can supply a lot of speed reduction and torque in a small package with the fixed axis .
A planetary gear set is made up of 3 types of gears , a sun gear , planet gears and a ring gear . The sun gear at high speed is located at the center of the gears , and transmits torque to the planet gears which are typically mounted on the moveable carrier .The planet gears around the central axis rotation ,mesh with the sun gear and an outer ring gear . As all the planet carriers turns , it delivers low-speed, high-torque output .
Product Name : Small sintering low speed high torque geared motor / Speed reducer / Transmission reductor
Gearbox Type: Planetary
Material: Steel 
Gear Ratio : 5:1 , 10:1 , 20:1 , 25:1 , 30:1 , 40:1 , 50:1 , 60:1 ,70:1…100:1…  optional
Gearbox diameter :  8mm ,10mm , 12mm , 16mm , 22mm , 24mm ,28mm, 32mm , 38mm , 42mm ……
3V , 6V ,12V ,24V available .

Planetary Gearbox advantages:

  1. Provides high torque at slow speeds .
  2. The shafts are made up of hardened and tempered alloy steel .
  3. Sun gears ,planet gears and ring gears are made of powder metallurgy and sintering steel .
  4. Low noise levels.
  5. Good quality taper roller bearings for input and output shafts .
  6. High efficiency .
  7. Increased repeatability . Its  Its greater speed radial and axial load offers reliability and robustness, minimizing the misalignment of the gear. In addition, uniform transmission and low vibrations at different loads provide a perfect repeatability.
  8. Perfect precision: Most rotating angular stability improves the accuracy and reliability of the movement.
  9. Lower noise level because there is more surface contact. Rolling is much softer and jumps are virtually nonexistent.
  10. Greater durability: Due to its torsional rigidity and better rolling. To improve this feature, your bearings help reduce the losses that would occur by rubbing the shaft on the box directly. Thus, greater efficiency of the gear and a much smoother operation is achieved.
  11. Increased torque transmission: With more teeth in contact, the mechanism is able to transmit and withstand more torque. In addition, it does it in a more uniform manner.
  12. Very good levels of efficiency: Planetary reducers offer greater efficiency and thanks to its design and internal layout losses are minimized during their work. In fact, today, this type of drive mechanisms are those that offer greater efficiency.
  13. Maximum versatility: Its mechanism is contained in a cylindrical gearbox, which can be installed in almost any space.

PM process for custom metal planetary gearbox , geared motors .
The P/M process is an economical, environmentally clean, high production method for making parts exactly to or close to final dimensions.  With little or no machining operations required.
At present, parts with a complicated shape, tight-dimensional tolerances, controlled density and properties can be manufactured by powder metallurgy methods. A technological process of powder metallurgy ensures high flexibility in the selection of physiochemical properties and other requirements, including:

  1. Production of structural parts with complex shapes .
  2. Controlled porosity .
  3. High mechanical strength and resistance to vibrations .
  4. Controlled properties.
  5. High mechanical strength and resistance to vibrations.
  6. High manufacturing precision and good surface quality
  7. Large number of production series .
  8. Good tolerances .

Custom geared motors , planet gears , metal gearbox 



Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Layout: Coaxial
Gear Shape: Cylindrical Gear
Step: Three-Step
US$ 2/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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How to Select a Planetary Gearbox for Your Applications

You can select the most suitable Planetary Gearbox for your applications after carefully checking the various features. You should also consider secondary features like noise level, corrosion resistance, construction, price, delivery time and service. You should also check if the constructor is available across the world, because some constructors operate faster than others. Some constructors even respond to your requests on the same day, while others deliver each planetary gearbox even if they are out of stock.

CZPT gearbox

An CZPT planetary gearbox is a high-quality, compact, and lightweight gearbox that distributes loads over several gears. The planetary gearbox has a polymer case that ensures quiet operation. The company is committed to the circular economy, investing in chemical recycling and promoting the use of recycled materials wherever possible. For more information, visit CZPT’s website or contact an CZPT expert today.
A planetary gearbox contains a sun gear, which is known as the input gear. The other gears are called planets, and these are mounted on a carrier, which is connected to an output shaft. A planetary gearbox is characterized by its high reduction ratios, energy savings, and compact design. It offers superior durability and trouble-free service. Whether you need a large or small planetary gearbox, you can find one to suit your needs.
The Standard series planetary gearboxes are a cost-effective alternative to premium series gearboxes. These gearboxes are suitable for applications requiring only mild backlash or with low IP65 protection. ABB positioners feature seven different gear unit variants, allowing for standardized mounting and stranded wire connections. The drygear(r) strain wave gear has a stranded wire connector and is available with a three-year warranty.
A planetary gearbox can be used for various applications, from lifting goods to loading and unloading products in a factory. The company has a wide product range for different applications, including plastic machinery and machine tools, pick-and-place robots, mill drives, and wind turbines. It can also be used to operate robot gripper systems. Its high-quality planetary gears are designed to last for many years, making it an ideal solution for many industries.


A planetary gearbox is an essential component of many transport systems. These devices work by aligning the output and input shafts. The Reggiana planetary gearbox 2000 series includes bevel stages and linear variants. The company offers modularity and flexibility with output configurations in ten different gear sizes. Each planetary gearbox can also be customized to meet the specific needs of a specific application.
CZPT is the Australian branch of CZPT, a leading global manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. CZPT is located in Carrum Downs, south east of Melbourne, and is one of the leading suppliers of planetary reduction gears, hydraulic failsafe brakes, and wheel drives. The company aims to provide high-quality, durable products that can be used in a variety of applications.
A CZPT Plus Series Gear is designed to maximize flexibility in a variety of applications. The gearbox’s modular design allows for endless scalability. The CZPT Plus Series Gear is commonly used in mining operations, and is known for its raw output capabilities and low maintenance design. It is made with high-quality materials, and it is also available in multiple sizes for customized applications.
The multi-stage planetary gearbox can combine individual ratios to increase the overall multiplicative factor. The planetary gears may also be combined to increase the transmittable torque. The output shaft and drive shaft may rotate in opposite directions, or they can be fixed so the gearbox can function in either direction. If the ring gear is fixed, planetary gearboxes can be realized as multi-stage.


The CZPT Planetary Gearbox is the perfect combination of compact size and high efficiency in power transmission. The compact design allows this gearbox to run silently while still delivering high power density and transmission efficiency. The CZPT Planetary Gearbox has several advantages. Unlike conventional planetary gearboxes, CZPT’s planetary gearbox features high power density, low torque, and optimum transmission efficiency.
CZPT’s products have been used in a variety of applications for many years, proving their reliability and quality. These products are renowned in the world for their reliability and quality. CZPT’s planetary gearboxes are backed by a five-year warranty. These features help customers choose a planetary gearbox that meets their needs and stays in top shape for years to come. But how do you test a planetary gearbox?
Figure 17 shows the response of a planetary gearbox to vibration. The maximum displacement in xg direction at a 50% crack level is shown by the dashed line. The signal in xg direction is called the xsignal. Moreover, the CZPT Planetary Gearbox’s vibration response is highly sensitive to the location of the bearings. For this reason, dynamic modeling of a planetary gearbox should consider bearing clearance.
CZPT’s hollow cup motor drive system features high reliability and low power consumption. The gearbox is compatible with industries with high quality standards, as there is no cogging torque. Its compact size and low electromagnetic noise make it ideal for a variety of applications. For industries with high product quality requirements, the CZPT Hollow Cup Motor Drive System is an excellent choice. It is also designed for vertical installation. You can even buy multiple CZPT products to meet your specific needs.


With its PL series planetary gearboxes, CZPT has expanded its product portfolio to include more types of drive solutions. CZPT is one of the few companies to have won the Schneider Electric Supplier Award for Quality. In addition, its high-quality planetary gearboxes are highly customizable, allowing designers to customize each gearbox for the application at hand. Whether it is a geared pump or a stepper motor, CZPT’s PLE planetary gearboxes are built to meet the exact specifications of the application at hand.
The flange-mounted version of the planetary gearbox is comparable to its planetary counterpart. Using a flange-mounted planetary gearbox allows for a smaller, more compact design. This model also features a large-diameter output shaft, which helps achieve a higher level of torsional stiffness. This makes CZPT flange gearboxes particularly useful for applications where the direction of motion can change frequently. These gearboxes can be used with a wide variety of belts.
The PLQE 60-mm gearbox is used in Outrider’s single-stage design. Its gear ratio is 5:1, while its dual-stage version has a 15:1 gear ratio. Both gearboxes have identical mounting configurations, but the two-stage version is slightly longer.
The PLN series of planetary gearheads from CZPT are the standard for high-precision applications. They’re compatible with all major motor brands and sizes, and the company’s adapter kits are available to fit almost any motor. This makes CZPT gearheads one of the easiest to integrate into a complex machine. They’re also extremely easy to install, with the same torque as their corresponding spur gears.


If you are looking for an efficient solution for screw press applications, consider using CZPT’s 300M Planetary Gearbox. It has high axial and radial load capacities, compact design, high torque output, and torque arm. The 300M planetary gearbox is compatible with a variety of screw presses, including hydraulic press systems and digester systems. Its Torque control and direct coupling feature makes it easy to install.
CZPT’s small planetary gearboxes have an output torque of 20:1 from individual ratios of 5:1 and 4:1. They run silently and deliver maximum transmission efficiency. The planetary gears are mounted on a ring that is fixed around the center sun gear. The ring acts as an output torque converter for the next planet stage. This planetary gearbox has multiple stages and a maximum ratio of 20:1 can be created from individual ratios of 5:1 and 4:1.
CZPT Motor is an innovator in the design and manufacture of miniature motors for industrial robots. Its offerings include brushless DC and brushed DC motors, as well as planetary gearboxes, encoders, and brakes. CZPT’s products have a variety of uses in robotics, intelligent appliances, medical equipment, communication, and industrial automation. The company is also committed to providing custom designs based on customer specifications.
Another advantage of a planetary gearbox is its high power transmission efficiency. It is capable of approximately 3% per stage, allowing it to transmit more torque than a conventional single-stage gearbox. Planetary gearboxes are also compact and have a high torque-to-weight ratio. CZPT’s Planetary Gearbox is the best choice for many applications. This gearbox offers the highest efficiency and is ideal for small-scale production.

China OEM Custom Small Planetary Gearbox Sintered Metal with DC Motors   planetary gearbox buy onlineChina OEM Custom Small Planetary Gearbox Sintered Metal with DC Motors   planetary gearbox buy online
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China Custom Custom Small Planetary Gearbox with Brush Electrical Motors wholesaler

Solution Description

We are a manufacturing facility specialized in metallic elements hardware & metal gearbox geared motor by means of powder metallurgy process .We companies with ODM/OEM gearbox style and growth , gearmotors manufacture.
A planetary gearbox is a gearbox with the enter shaft and output shaft aligned it delivers large torque transmission with good stiffness and reduced sounds , in a more compact foot print than other gearbox kinds . It can provide a good deal of pace reduction and torque in a modest package with the mounted axis .
A planetary equipment set is manufactured up of 3 types of gears , a sunshine equipment , world gears and a ring equipment . The sunshine gear at higher velocity is found at the center of the gears , and transmits torque to the world gears which are usually mounted on the moveable CZPT .The world gears around the central axis rotation ,mesh with the sun gear and an outer ring gear . As all the earth carriers turns , it delivers low-velocity, large-torque output .
Solution Identify : 8mm – 42mm minimal pace high torque planet gearbox equipment motor / Pace reducer
Gearbox Kind: Planetary
Material: Steel 
Gear Ratio : 5:1 , 10:1 , 20:1 , 25:1 , thirty:1 , 40:1 , fifty:1 , 60:1 ,70:1…100:1…  optional
Gearbox diameter : 6mm , 8mm , 12mm , 16mm , 22mm , 24mm ,28mm, 32mm ,36mm, 38mm , 42mm ……
3V , 6V ,12V ,24V available .
Carburizing, carbonitriding, excellent quenching

Planetary Gearbox rewards:

  1. Provides substantial torque at slow speeds .
  2. The shafts are created up of hardened and tempered alloy steel .
  3. Sunlight gears ,earth gears and ring gears are created of powder metallurgy and sintering steel .
  4. Lower sounds ranges.
  5. Very good quality taper roller bearings for input and output shafts .
  6. Large effectiveness .
  7. Enhanced repeatability . Its  Its better velocity radial and axial load gives trustworthiness and robustness, minimizing the misalignment of the equipment. In addition, uniform transmission and lower vibrations at distinct loads supply a best repeatability.
  8. Perfect precision: Most CZPT angular steadiness improves the precision and trustworthiness of the movement.
  9. Reduced noise level due to the fact there is a lot more surface area make contact with. Rolling is much softer and jumps are nearly nonexistent.
  10. Greater sturdiness: Due to its torsional rigidity and greater rolling. To increase this characteristic, your bearings aid reduce the losses that would occur by rubbing the shaft on the box straight. As a result, increased effectiveness of the equipment and a considerably smoother operation is reached.
  11. Elevated torque transmission: With much more enamel in get in touch with, the system is CZPT to transmit and endure much more torque. In addition, it does it in a a lot more uniform manner.
  12. Really great ranges of efficiency: Planetary reducers offer you greater efficiency and thanks to its style and inside layout losses are minimized throughout their perform. In truth, these days, this sort of push mechanisms are those that offer you greater effectiveness.
  13. Optimum flexibility: Its mechanism is contained in a cylindrical gearbox, which can be put in in virtually any room.

PM method for customized metal planetary gearbox , geared motors .
The P/M process is an cost-effective, environmentally clean, high production approach for creating parts precisely to or shut to ultimate dimensions.  With tiny or no machining operations necessary.
At current, areas with a complex form, restricted-dimensional tolerances, managed density and qualities can be made by powder metallurgy techniques. A technological procedure of powder metallurgy makes certain substantial adaptability in the variety of physiochemical homes and other specifications, like:

  1. Production of structural parts with sophisticated styles .
  2. Managed porosity .
  3. Large mechanical power and resistance to vibrations .
  4. Managed houses.
  5. Large mechanical toughness and resistance to vibrations.
  6. Higher producing precision and great surface top quality
  7. Large number of manufacturing collection .
  8. Very good tolerances .

monitor,computerized vending machine,computerized cruise handle,door lock actuator, retractable rearview mirror, meters, optic axis manage gadget, head gentle beam level adjuster,printers,conditioning damper actuator,Car tail gate electric powered putter,tooth brush,vibrator, sanitary ware,coffee machine,Sweeping robot,and so forth.

Custom made geared motors , world gears , metallic gearbox 



Planetary Gearbox Elements

The basic components of a planetary gearset are an enter, output, and stationary situation. Different types of planetary gearboxes will have different output ratios and torques. A foremost organization for planetary gearbox design and style, CZPT, gives the essential parts. These elements can range in the two male and feminine shafts and appear with a assortment of modular options. Here are a handful of factors to contemplate about every part.

CFHK Sequence

The CFHK Collection is a multistage planetary gearbox that consists of several planetary gears. The numerous tooth of each planetary gear mesh at the same time during procedure to improve the transmittable torque. The gears are situation hardened and ground, and the ratios of the planetary gears are integers. They were initial functionally explained by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490. Today, the CFHK Series is a favorite amid automotive engineers and producers.
The CH Series delivers high precision with a compact style and case hardened, hypoid, and helical gearing. These gearboxes are also available in the CFXR sequence, with lower backlash and friction. These planetary gearboxes are designed to provide high torque and substantial precision in a variety of purposes. In addition, the CFXR collection characteristics one hundred% helical gearing and low backlash.
The CFHK Sequence attributes a solar gear that drives the next stage. These gears can be put in collection or serially in the same housing. In some situations, the output shaft of the 1st phase gets to be the enter shaft of the next stage. In addition, ring gears are also utilized as structural components of smaller sized gearboxes. An example of a planetary gearbox is the pencil sharpener system. The pencil is put on an axis that is set on a solar gear. The sunlight gear drives the subsequent world phase.
A planetary equipment unit’s equipment ratio is identified by the number of teeth in the sun equipment and ring equipment. The smaller the sun equipment, the more compact the ratio amongst the sunshine equipment and planet gears. The greatest equipment ratio in a planetary gear device is ten:1. A greater amount of tooth increases the transmission ratio. In order to increase torque, the planetary gears should be rearranged. A more compact sun gear will have larger torque than a huge ring gear.

CFX Collection

The HPN Harmonic Planetary(r) Series planetary gearboxes provide a low-price resolution with substantial-performance and substantial-reliability. This modular layout is effortless to install and calls for extremely little maintenance. Its planetary style and full complement of needle rollers allow for prolonged life and quiet operation. In addition, the HPN Harmonic Planetary(r) Sequence is offered in a range of dimensions.
The compact dimension and large-speed layout of planetary gearboxes results in superb heat dissipation. Nevertheless, substantial-velocity or sustained functionality purposes could need lubricants. A planetary gearbox will have smaller minimum measures to lessen sound and vibration. Planetary gears will give you the optimum level of effectiveness even though reducing sounds. As a result, they can give large-high quality 3D prints.
A planetary gear prepare is composed of a ring equipment and earth gears, each and every supported by a carrier. A ring gear is pink, although the solar equipment is crimson. The sunlight equipment and carrier rotate about every other at a forty five-diploma angle. This is also acknowledged as an epicyclic gear. Planetary gearboxes are often found in area-constrained apps. The CFX Collection functions a compact design and style and excellent efficiency.
The CFX Collection attributes a robust style that is effortless to put in. Its compact size helps make installation of planetary gearboxes less difficult and quicker. They are obtainable in 3 various configurations for continuous, intermittent, and counter-clockwise operation. The CFX Series gives the perfect resolution for your accelerating needs. They are a wonderful solution for any automotive or industrial application. You can very easily configure the CFX Collection to satisfy your certain demands.

CAP Sequence

The Candy Controls CAP Sequence is a new technology of compact, precision planetary gearboxes that merge large torques with minimal backlash and outstanding put on resistance. This rotary flange planetary gearbox is best for a selection of industrial, mining and maritime apps. Its modular design allows consumers to effortlessly mount different phases, hydraulic or electric motors, and diverse sorts of gears. Its CPH Collection characteristics an very rigid alloy steel housing, carburized gears, and induction hardened gears.
The CAP Series makes use of numerous planetary gears for large torque transmission. The quantity of planetary gears is not fixed, but most planetary gearboxes employ at least 3. The bigger the number of planetary gears, the greater the transmittable torque. A planetary gearbox is composed of numerous planetary gears with a meshing motion that happens simultaneously throughout operation. The result is a higher effectiveness and a smoother, quieter procedure than a conventional gearbox.
The VersaPlanetary range characteristics modular design for effortless installation. This technique contains mounting plates for normal First (r) Robotics Opposition motors. The mounting plates are made to fit every single motor. These planetary gearboxes are appropriate with numerous sorts of motors, from tiny electric motors to big, heavy obligation types. They are also appropriate with a selection of mounting techniques, including CIM motors.

CAPK Series

The CZPT APK Sequence is a large precision, rotary flange style planetary gearbox. Its circumstance hardened and ground gears are made to supply excellent use resistance, low backlash, and superb precision. The CAPK Collection offers high axial and second load capacities in a compact housing. CZPT is the entire world chief in the production of planetary gearboxes. The CAPK Collection characteristics an array of high-quality, revolutionary characteristics.
CZPT Intelligent Lubrication technology is utilized to preserve the gears well-lubricated and decrease sound and vibration. The planetary gearbox’s 3-equipment layout is perfect for Do it yourself CNC robotics. This series has a extended heritage of top quality, and CZPT employs only the ideal elements. The CZPT 3:1 Large Precision Planetary Gearbox is an outstanding choice for CNC Robotics and other apps.
A multi-stage planetary gearbox brings together individual ratios for a better quantity of ratios. Further planetary gears increase the transmittable torque. The route of the output and generate shaft are often identical. The CAPK Series attributes a high-good quality, resilient construction. They are manufactured from stainless steel and provide a lengthy-term guarantee. They are the very best option for industrial and industrial purposes. Whilst planetary gears are a lot more costly, they are very efficient.

CFH Collection

The Candy CFH Series planetary gearboxes offer you the rewards of a modular design and style and a minimal backlash. They supply a selection of size choices and outstanding toughness. This planetary gearbox is compact and dress in resistant. The CFH Series planetary gearbox has a carburized, induction hardened gears and a rigid alloy metal housing. Its reduced backlash and precision make it an outstanding selection for industrial programs.
The CFH Sequence planetary gearbox is a hugely effective, substantial-pace helical gear. The compact layout of this gearbox results in higher heat dissipation and low mass inertia. World provider bearings knowledge substantial lateral forces from the transmission of torque. As a consequence, radial and axial forces oppose each other. The end result is that the torque is distributed above three gears, reducing sound, vibration, and use.
The planetary gearbox has a few primary parts: a sun gear (also identified as the input equipment), a ring gear, and two planet gears. These are connected by a carrier that rotates about a forty five-degree clockwise axis. The CFH Sequence of gears is offered in triple and double phases. They can also be utilized in electric motors. As a end result, the CFH Series is extremely adaptable.
The CFH Sequence of planetary gearboxes can be discovered in all kinds of applications, including automotive transmissions. Their compact style and large-efficiency efficiency make them a well-liked choice for room-constrained programs. This gearbox has numerous rewards and is a great different to a standard helical gearbox. These gearboxes are hugely effective for decreasing torque and pace, and are compact ample to suit in most applications.


If you require a high-quality planetary gearbox, the CZPT Planetary Sequence is the proper choice. This Italian organization patterns and manufactures gearboxes in its San Polo d’Enza, Italy, facility with eleven branch workplaces and three manufacturing facilities. The business is making an attempt to replicate the success of the Italian Tremendous Automobile business, which has received international recognition. The organization supplies a selection of gearboxes for use in hefty business, agriculture, offshore, aerial and marine work.
With over forty a long time of expertise, CZPT manufactures a broad variety of large-quality gearboxes. From bevel-helical models to Helical units, wheel gears and unfavorable brakes, the firm has been manufacturing top quality parts for numerous industries. CZPT is a dependable Australian distributor of CZPT gear elements. The organization is committed to delivering the greatest planetary gears for each and every market.
If your CZPT Planetary gearbox is malfunctioning, you can have it fixed swiftly and very easily. The organization utilizes high quality supplies and a selection of measurements and output ratios to cater to the most demanding apps. In addition, you can customize your gearbox to go well with your distinct wants. CZPT Planetary Gearboxes are very flexible and customizable, providing infinite scalability.

China Custom Custom Small Planetary Gearbox with Brush Electrical Motors     wholesaler China Custom Custom Small Planetary Gearbox with Brush Electrical Motors     wholesaler